Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Perfect Combination

After I gave birth, I just felt that everything on my face was so dry (like it had been drained of all its youthful moisture), and that everything just wasn't as firm as it used to be.  To top it all off, I am only 32!  Everybody was telling me that your body will never be the same again after giving birth...and in some ways they are won't, but it's a battle I'm waging now to try to get some of it back.

(excuse the snake, i thought it may give the 'Post' photo a fighting chance)

So I decided to try some new skin care products that claim to provide firmer, fairer, and blemish free skin.  An added bonus is that they are all natural, all organic products!  I used Guava Facial wash, Rose Hips cream, and Lemongrass Toner from the 'All Organics' brand.

Guava Facial Wash
The guava facial wash comes in foam form, the liquid is clear, and the smell is clean and fresh.  I noticed immediately a lightening of my skin after just a few days using this product.  I use it day and night.   It's also handy enough to bring with you on trips. I think the 60 ml in a foamer bottle costs just a little over P150.  300ml refills cost P300.

Lemongrass Toner

After the facial wash, I use the Lemongrass toner.  The toner is made out of 100% all natural ingredients.  It comes in a spray bottle and the liquid is a cloudy white.  It needs to be shaken before use.  The scent  is really Lemongrass!  I guess it was designed to be sprayed onto the face and left to dry, hence the spray bottle.  However, it just doesn't feel like a Toner to me unless I swipe it on using a cotton ball.  At first I worried that I wasn't getting enough product on my cotton ball so I had to spray it a couple of times.   But you really don't need a lot of product for you to see the effects.  I noticed that my skin feels more refined, as if my pores got tighter after only a few days of using this.  

Rosehips Cream

 The Rosehips Cream is the most potent product of the three.  Of the three products this one promises the return of youthful skin.  I expected it to be very heavy and so had planned to use it as a night cream only.  In fact, the manufacturer suggests to use it at night only.  However, I was surprised to find it very light but also very emollient.  So I'm able to use it both day and night.  During the day I use a small portion of it under my tinted sunblock.  I found my skin to be firmer and less dry after using it for a few days.  I worried that my skin would become oily, but it never did.  Instead my skin became soft to the touch, losing the slight abrasiveness that I suffered during and right after pregnancy.

So here I am, about a month into using the above products and I love the way I look.  Here's a picture of me and my son taken a week ago, sans make up and glowing!  

Now...can anyone recommend a good eye cream??? :)

The above products can be purchased at Pickled Cucumber

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Geek Trip: Mighty Beanz

I was on a routine site visit with my colleagues a few weeks ago when one of them told me about this new toy her son is so OBSESSED about...Mighty Beanz! Her son collects them, races them, trades them, etc! So the geek in me got so intrigued! Intrigued enough to go to Rustan's and purchase a few just to see if I get inspired enough to collect them. And this is what I found:

They're little plastic beans, with little metal balls inside that causes them to twitch and jump. They also have colored film on them that give each of them a special character.  The ones above, from L to R, top row first, - Astronaut Bean, Drill Sergeant Bean, Football Bean, Musketeer Bean, Hotdog Bean, Bloodhound Bean, Snowboard Bean, and Karate Bean!  Beans are either common, rare, or ultra rare.  From the few packs that I got, I got mostly commons and one rare - the Drill Sergeant Bean.  You can only get rare beans from the multi-packs, and you can only get the ultra rare beans from the six packs.

I think they are a great collectible!  And fun for kids 5 years old and above to collect, trade, and play with!  Plus each bean is only P49.75 so it won't break the bank for Mommy and Daddy.

So far I've only seen them in Rustans but will keep a look out on where else they can be purchased!  Mighty Beans were created and manufactured by Moose Enterprise, in Australia.